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ISBN is the acronym for International Standard Book Number. This 10 or 13-digit number identifies a specific book, an edition of a book or book.


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Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution. This is usually only for a limited time.

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An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number. ISBNs were 10 digits in length up to the end of December 2006, but since 1 January 2007 they now always consist of 13 digits. ISBNs are calculated using a specific mathematical formula and include a check digit to validate the number. Each ISBN consists of 5 elements with each section being separated by spaces or hyphens.
Three of the five elements may be of varying length:
1. Prefix element – currently this can only be either 978 or 979. It is always 3 digits in length.
2. Registration group element – this identifies the particular country, geographical region, or language area participating in the ISBN system. This element may be between 1 and 5 digits in length.
3. Registrant element - this identifies the particular publisher or imprint. This may be up to 7 digits in length.
4. Publication element – this identifies the particular edition and format of a specific title. This may be up to 6 digits in length.
5. Check digit – this is always the final single digit that mathematically validates the rest of the number. It is calculated using a Modulus 10 system with alternate weights of 1 and 3.


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